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Employee Spotlight: Katherine Williams

Employee Spotlight: Katherine Williams

Let’s kick off the new month with one of our fun Employee Spotlight interviews! This month we interviewed the one and only, Katherine Williams!

Our Landmark office is filled with an amazing staff of individuals who make up our fun, loving, and sometimes quirky team! So we thought we’d give all of you the opportunity to get to know some of our team members the way we have over the years.

Katherine Williams

Let’s Start with the Basics:

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

“I’m 21, I have one younger brother, he lives with my parents in my home town. I love Bellingham, and everything this area has to offer.”

Where are you from?

“Tucson, AZ originally, but mostly grew up in Vancouver, WA.”

How long have you been with Landmark?

A little under two years.”

Now onto the Fun Questions:

If you could pick a new first name, what would it be?

Annie, it’s what everyone outside of work calls me.”


Do you have a weird or unique talent that not many know about?

I’m really good at folding clothes.”

What was your dream job when you were 5 years old?

I wanted to be a princess.”

If you could be best friends with anyone, dead or alive, who would that be and why?

Walt Disney.”

What’s the weirdest/coolest dream you’ve ever had?

I don’t remember my dreams…”

What movie is your all-time favorite that you would have loved to star in?

Beauty and the Beast or Harry Potter.

QUICK! What’s the last picture/text you sent to someone on your phone?

I sent a GIF of an eye roll to my mom”

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you?

I fractured some bones in my neck a few years ago falling off monkey bars.”

If you could go anywhere in the Universe right now where would you go and what would you do there?

I’ve always wanted to backpack through Europe, especially Scotland. I would mostly site see and learn about the area.”