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At the Video Store🎥


An underground community of lovable weirdos has preserved the endangered species of mom n’ pop video rental stores across the United States.

AT THE VIDEO STORE is a loving ode to the dying art of connection and curation these independent rental outlets served a generation of Americans. Director James Westby weaves together the macro-narrative of the industry’s changing business model with the intimate memories of store owners and cinema icons like John Waters, Nicole Holofcener, Gus Van Sant, and Bill Hader. A vibrant original soundtrack crystallizes the community’s underground spirit. While nostalgic for what was lost, the film is hopeful about what neighborhood video stores can still offer a world starved for novelty and authentic human interaction.

Come meet the director, James Westby!
Presented by local non-profit video store Film Is Truth 24 Times A Second

Posted by: landmark on January 14, 2020